SSSP App works on Cloud, Mobile and Desktop

A site Safety and Health Plan (SSSP) describes the potential hazards of the work site, along with all company policies, controls and work practices selected to minimize those hazards. Provide a written comprehensive Safety and Health Plan.
SSSP App Software for New Zealand Companies

We provide SSSP apps (cloud based software) to easily create, manage and store site specific safety plans to assist your safety management. The private cloud based SSSP App works on Tablets, iPad, iPhone, Windows and Mac.

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A Site Specific Safety Plan (SSSP) is an agreement between businesses working on a specific site that determines how health and safety will be managed. When used correctly, it ensures that site information is regularly updated and safety is monitored.

What can be defined as a safe site?
A site secure from liability to harm, injury, danger, or risk: a safe place. free from hurt, injury, danger, or risk: to arrive safe and sound.

Property Risk Assessment Software
1CloudSoftware SSSP
Private Cloud Network Connection
Connect to the 1Cloud Property Risk Assessment Software with your mobile devices such as:

Site Safety File
Site Safety Assessments
Risk Assessments
Health & Safety Inspections
Contractor's Inductions
Contractor's Pre Qualifications

iPad or iPhone, Web
Desktop and Laptop computer

SSSP Site Specific Safety Plan

Easy to use advanced mobile software application that integrates the management of site specific audits with powerful reporting and task management tools.

SSSP Software is easy to use and follows the typical property assessor’s workflow. The system is fully customisable to your business’ requirements.

The integrated SSSP software is hosted on the secure private cloud with FileMaker server. It is so advanced, you can use the system with or without the mobile devices connected to the internet.

Use of Online Devices
If you are in areas of bad or shaky internet connection, you are able to work on a local offline file on the device. Once you are back to sufficient internet connection, you simply synchronise with the server and all jobs are updated.

The data gathering while you or your assessor is undergoing assessments in the field is supported by intuitive guidance and workflow.

SSSP is built with the FileMaker platform in New Zealand.

The creation of Property Risk Assessment Reports is fast and easy and based on pre-populated checklists and hazard information templates and tables.

SSSP Site Specific Safety Plan

Perfect on Cloud, iPad & Tablets

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